Our Work

Our Work

Public Sector

A wide range of studies for local authorities, independent organisations, and skills bodies.

Our work includes covering customer satisfaction research, project reviews and evaluations. We have used focus groups, depth research, and large scale surveys to research themes as diverse as the take up of household recycling, public attitudes to speed limits, the impact of community safety initiatives, and the role of Children’s Centres in enhancing the lives of parents and families.

Social Landlords

In Scotland, we have designed, operated and reported on tenant satisfaction for a large number of Council landlords as well as housing associations, and housing co-operatives.

Our work in this area complies fully with the requirements of the Scottish Housing Regulator. Outside of tenant surveys, we have helped Councils and other bodies to conduct customer focused reviews of homelessness services, sheltered housing arrangements, caretaking and concierge services, private sector licensing, young peoples’ housing support, and housing repairs.


Third Sector/Publicly Funded Groups

In this area of our work, we have assisted a diverse range of clients from carers support teams, through Council Voluntary Services, to parent befriending groups

With projects ranging from developing business plans, to identifying community needs, and reviewing services and their impact on clients. We have worked with projects which have serviced all of the community, through to those who are focused on specific ethnic groups, or those supporting Independent Living


Education and Skills

For colleges, student groups, skills councils and private training companies, we have carried out a wide range of research projects utilising telephone interviews, focus groups and large scale surveys to assess demand for new skills and training provision, the gaps in criminal justice skills across the UK, and the need for student based lettings initiatives


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