Knowledge Partnership - Our Approach


Our research approach is tailored to your needs so that all outputs match with your requirement and reflect the particular style and structure of your organisation

Specify the research

We work closely with you to specify a research approach that will meet your needs in terms of providing insights, meeting required timescales, and fitting with your agreed budget. We will ensure that your research project is designed correctly because this means you are more likely to obtain understanding and insight from the work.

Apply the tools

We tailor our research approach to make sure that we obtain the best quality research outputs. We conduct large scale surveys, facilitate in-depth interviews and run focus groups. We select survey samples rigorously, and recruit research participants with care, so that you can be sure that your research subjects are providing you with fair and objective feedback.

Analyse the data

We use a range of tools to analyse your research data including software packages that allow us to ‘crunch’ large volumes of data. We use statistical techniques such as weighting and correlation to analyse quantitative data, and apply codes and themes to qualitative data to aid in the identification of key patterns and issues.

Deliver the insight

We work to ensure that the results of your research are understood both internally and externally by adopting clear analysis and reporting, including delivering results presentations to stakeholders. If you require it, we can continue to support you after your project has completed by running data analysis on any project related issues.

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